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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q. What is the CBT or Confederation of Businesses and Traders?
A. The CBT short for the "Confederation of Businesses and Traders" a Multi Trade Association formed in Jan 2007 to protect consumers and to assist members to generate business. Membership is granted providing business support and accreditation. Members benefit from an online enhanced entry in the “CBT Business Directory” assisting in the generation of customer leads. We provide unbeatable and unrivalled benefits including Responsive Website Design with hosting and email facilities assisting members to achieve, irrespective of challenging market conditions.

Q. Why join the CBT, What do I get?
Studies have proven that 85% of the public prefer to deal with a registered business associated to a business organisation such as the CBT. In becoming a member of the CBT you are entitled to all the benefits provided. You can use the CBT Logo on your website, in Shop windows, Vans, Stationery, advertising etc. Certificates and Membership Cards are supplied for you to produce to clients with letters of assurance which can be attached to estimates. All is designed to enhance your credibility and reassure your customers giving you an advantage over your competitors.

    Subsidised rates for members.
• Have use of the prestigious CBT logo building customer confidence.
• Ensure Search Engines find your business, Free Website Reports.
• Get New Customers and Contacts.
• Build customer confidence by displaying the prestigious CBT Logo.
• Better SEO page ranking with new valid inbound links.
• Enhanced Business Directory Listings.

Q. I’m Just A One Man Band starting up. Can you help?
A. We provide a comprehensive number of web services to help new start-ups as well as established companies. This includes a subsidised membership website designed for your business and placed live on the web to generate new business together with host of other unbeatable benefits. A large proportion of our members are hard working self-employed tradesmen. They benefit enormously with our support, and are assisted to get more leads and customers.

Q. What makes the CBT different from other associations?
The CBT is unique in providing so many unbeatable benefits of membership. We are the only organisation currently that will supply and host member websites at subsidised rates and supply annual hosting. The CBT also initiates debt collection procedures free of charge. We ensure websites are up and running with no fuss to start generating business. Members with existing websites benefit from free website reviews to assist with site visibility to drive customers their way and generate leads. We also understand that many small and large businesses suffer cash flow difficulties and sometimes go under as a direct result of their customers either paying late or not at all. We give access to free credit control advice and provide excellent support and services to help with your difficulties. Our unique experience enable you to devote your energy into the running a successful business.

Q. What is the criteria to join?
We undertake to ensure that business details are verified before they are accepted by the CBT. We therefore see it as important to conduct checks to verify the identity of applicants. Our checks are conducted in accordance with the most commonly used practises of trade associations within the RMI sector, and retail, leisure and services industries. See details of our vetting procedures.

Q. Can you Initiate Debt Collection Procedures and Prepare Small Claims?
Yes we will initiate debt collection procedures for commercial debts and send letters to business debtors at no cost to members. Don’t suffer from unpaid invoices, we will write to the debtor and even prepare small claims for the courts if necessary in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on your behalf.

Q. How much is the Membership Fee?
The Membership Cost is the lowest of any comparable association. The subscription is the same for all businesses no matter the size. There are no upfront fees when an application for membership is made and if an application is rejected or refused there is nothing to pay.

Q. Should I Recommend the CBT?
Yes enable the CBT business community to grow and prosper. If you have friends or relatives in business, the services of the CBT can help them also. Recommend them to the CBT and they will also be welcomed as a member. Your business will be rewarded with up to £99 worth of advertising absolutely Free when they are accepted as a member. By enlarging our community you enable us to provide even more benefits to members. As referee your name and membership number should be forwarded along with any application.

Q. How Can I Improve My Star Rating in the Business Directory?
Star Ratings are applied when a member joins the CBT based on the receipt of two references that we request at the time of joining, the duration of membership and feedback from the public. To improve your feedback ensure that you have provided two references and encourage your customers to leave feedback through the link provided on the CBT Business Directory.  You can supply your references here.

Q. How Can I Join ?
You can get info Here and join immediately, we will process your application and inform you as soon as member services commence.

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